About CE Invest Bratislava

CE Invest Bratislava has been in operation since 2004. Our team in Slovakia consists of 6 professionals; most of the property management, sales, rental and accounting issues are dealt with in house. In 2006/2007  we have successfully handed over, furnished and rented over 50 apartments in the Octopus development in Bratislava. In 2009 CE Invest acquired a large portfolio of apartments from a competing real estate company which discontinued property management. In 2010 CE Invest became the market leader in residential property management in Bratislava, managing well over 100 units. We currently manage units in 11 newly-built developments and over 30 apartments in the historical old town of Bratislava. Recently we have launched our online management system, where our clients can see up-to-date information about tenants, finances, tax obligations, utilities, and rental income.

In 2017 we are focusing on further development of our business by aquiring new clients for the property management department as well as improving services to our customers by process optimalization to make the work of property management even more transparent and provide services such as rentals, sales, renovations and tax services at even more competitive prices.

Our satisfied tenants in Bratislava

Central & Eastern Europe

CE Invest sources yielding investment opportunities in Central Eastern Europe. We manage real estate portfolios for private investors, companies and investment funds. We provide a full package of services for overseas investors in a transparent, long-term business framework. We assist in sourcing, portfolio optimization, due diligence, negotiation, redecoration, rental, property management, and exit strategy. We aim to maximize the rental yields and capital appreciation of the assets of our clients, focusing on high-growth areas in Central Eastern Europe. We ensure our clients’ assets remain liquid and are optimally leveraged in centers of strong economic and demographic expansion.

Investment Focus

CE Invest is an investment consulting firm which places a special emphasis on the entire investment procedure from planning, choosing the investment vehicle, going through the purchase process, letting & management, yield optimization, calculating return on investment, exit strategy, resale options, and reinvestment.Therefore, we train our staff in this direction and focus the discussions with the clients around the investment aspect of the property. We sell and manage investment projects and portfolios, not merely property.