Apartment Rentals

Tenants create the monthly cash flow, so it is crucial to screen potential tenants and ensure they pay the rent in time and take good care of the property. We focus on avoiding vacant periods and maintaining a friendly yet firm relationship with our tenants in order to make tenant changes as smooth as possible.


Bibiana Krosbakova
Rental Agent "I try to organize the site views as soon as possible. Sucess of closing the rental contracts depends on how fast we react"

How we work:

  • Advertise apartment for rent
  • Conduct tenant viewings
  • Advise on interior design, furniture & fittings
  • Apartment check-in and check-out inspections
  • Negotiate and authorize tenant leases
  • Collect security deposit & first month’s rent
  • Contact partner agencies
  • Contact embassies, diplomatic services
  • Upload information about new tenant into online system


What can you expect when renting my apartment?

Average rental prices of residential units in Bratislava

Is your apartment empty for too long?

Contact CE INVEST Bratislava and now and we will find rental sollution for your apartment in the shortest possible time.