Property Management

Well organized Property Management professionals. 
It’s all about transparency: CE Invest provides Property Management Online System

Michaela Erdelyi - Office Manager


Michaela Erdelyi - Office Manager "We are very proud of our Property Management Online System - Which helps us a lot dealing wtih day to day management issues and provides transparen for our clients"

As first property management company in Bratislava, CE Invest is proud to introduce new Property Management Online System to ensure, transparency,up-to-date information for our clients.

Our online system includes the following futures:

  • Information about the tenants
  • Financial account sheets including all expenses and incomes
  • Up-to-date information about rent which was received onto the bank account
  • Income tax estimate
  • NEW! Panoramic view of the surrounding of your apartment
  • And many others…
Property Management Online System makes our operatons transparent

Use of the property management online system is included in the basic monthly property management fee.

Day-to-day Property Management

Our goal is to take the burden off the owner, so owning an apartment in a foreign country becomes truly hassle-free and rewarding. We see our role as a general problem-solver for the investor, a steward entrusted with an asset which must generate income and increase in value.

  • Collect rent from tenants and passing it to the owner
  • Manage tenant leases
  • Manage Security / Damage Deposits
  • Common area inspections
  • Assess the building for roof, mechanical or structural repairs and then work with the house corporation to budget for the repairs
  • Hold the building maintenance company accountable for their maintenance duties
  • Provide timely customer service to the tenants
  • Process and conduct evictions
  • Reduce variable expenses
  • Assess the proper market rental rates to keep rates competitive
  • Achieve high rental collection rates
  • Have working relationships with qualified repairman, construction firms, and supply vendors in the community tohelp owners get a good price and quality work
  • Officially represent owner to utility companies and authorities
  • Be available in case of emergencies